Matriculate is a place for incoming students at The Seattle School of Theology & Psychology to stay informed about topics ranging from academics and finding balance as a grad student to community life and relocating to Seattle. The admissions team, faculty, staff, alumni, and current students all contribute to Matriculate to welcome and resource incoming students in the transitional space between enrolling and becoming fully matriculated to The Seattle School.

The Matriculate Field Guide

The Matriculate Field Guide is the comprehensive guide for incoming students to follow as they matriculate to The Seattle School. It contains all the information pertaining to important dates, class registration, paying for school, and other details to stay aware of as the fall approaches. The Field Guide contains live links that are accessible when viewed digitally, though it is able to be downloaded and printed as needed.

Matriculate Blog

The Matriculate Blog is designed to introduce incoming students to the culture and ethos of not just The Seattle School, but also the city of Seattle. Check the blog regularly for posts ranging from how to purchase a bus pass to introductions of our faculty, and descriptions of Seattle neighborhoods to letters from current students about their journey to the school. The blog will be updated weekly through the first week of the fall term.