Paul Quinlivan

Father, husband, friend, therapist, hiker, surfer, mystic, writer, farmer, teacher, and pastor are but a few of the many monikers Paul Quinlivan goes by. He received an MA in Theology & Culture and an MA in Counseling Psychology from The Seattle School, and he lives with his almost 3-month-old son, his lovely wife, and their South American dog in a slowly gentrifying suburb of Seattle. When he is not attempting to recapture his artistic self through the craft of writing, he works as a therapist in private practice to help others find themselves. He also works as an Assistant Instructor at The Seattle School, helping to train future prophetic therapists, pastors, and artists.

  • The (Wounded) Artist

    Central to our work of educating and training therapists, artists, pastors, and leaders is the crucial calling to study and tell the stories of...