The Alumni Quad is made up of four alumni from varying graduating classes of each degree program. The Alumni Quad seeks to serve the alumni association through:

  • Acting as an advisory team to the Office of Students & Alumni in strategies pertaining to The Seattle School Alumni.
  • Assisting in the development, creation, facilitation, and evaluation of alumni projects, rhythms and events.
  • Meeting with two alumni each month for the sake of connection and support.


Phil Doud

MDiv, 2013

Lacy Clark Ellman

MACS, 2012

Corinne Vance

MACP, 2011
MACS, 2011


If you would like to connect with any member of the alumni quad, simply email them directly, or send an email to Coffee, is of course, always on us!

Membership on the Alumni Quad requires a commitment of one school-year and ten hours of a service a month, including monthly meetings. If you are interested in serving as a member of the Alumni Quad, contact Paul Steinke at